To empower black LGBTQ young adults through leadership development, networking and collaborative events, in order to better improve their quality of life.


NYPS is an intellectual, creative urban movement that focuses on socially forward, leadership and development activities for black LGBTQ young adults

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Breaking down our vision

What do we mean by “socially forward”?

NYPS believes the definition of ignorance is to do the same things over and over again and expect a different result. To this end, we only participate in movements, events, activities, etc that are unique, have not been done before and take risks. We always encourage those who were turned away by others for ideas that seemed “too risky” to consider joining NYPS and using our national platform to try out your idea to address a issue that relates to black LGBTQ young adults.

What do we mean by “intellectual”?

We question everything. We don’t let the media, our emotions or trending topics decide our stance on any issue. We educate ourselves on both sides of every issue in an effort to make decisions based on facts and not emotions. We believe there are several solutions to many problems and that no one persons opinion on a issue is greater than the other. We encourage our members to think for themselves and seek out facts.

What do we mean by “creative”?

At NYPS we feel that the best way to address any issue is to follow the lead of those effected by the issue. When submitting an idea or proposal to us, be prepared to lead on that issue as our staff may not be as familiar with your idea as you are.

What do we mean by “movement”?

You may notice that we do not use the word “organization” and instead use the term “movement”. We do not embody and of the traditions or values of a traditional not-for-profit organization and stand against the non-profit industrial complex whenever possible. If you are looking for something more traditional, NYPS is not for you. We are forever changing, depending on our membership and the needs of the populations we serve. Comparing us to other groups you may have been apart of can lead to a rough time with us, however, thinking outside of the box will ensure a successful, meaningful life and career with us.

What do we mean by “young adults”?

You will notice we rarely use the word “youth” and mostly say “young adults”. NYPS is a collection of adults, who act like adults, who we allow to live like adults, who do adult things – who just happen to be younger than the people who have all the (perceived) power in the world. We cater to those between the ages of 18 and 29, but are willing to train those who are teens to become future leaders and welcome their membership as well.

We are big on values. These are things that are inside of you and determine your character. A person of good character will have an amazing time with us!

NYPS is designed for youth who are ready to be leaders and have experience on the local level with organizations, campaigns around social justice – as well as those willing to learn our successful leadership and development techniques. Members lead the way on projects and are only supported by YPS staff and volunteers. Members must posses the following values:

Intellectual, Creative, Street Smart, Passion, Integrity, Invaluable, Ethical, Extraordinary, Radiant, Delightful, Savvy

Potential members are required to submit a online application and begin the interview process. Membership in NYPS is similar to that of a fraternal organization and not your traditional not for profit program. Members select projects at the local level that we support (unless you are a approved leader that has attended a Vision Casting), as well as, work on our national or regional projects. This allows even the busiest person to be actively involved. Once that project is finished, they have the option of participating in one of the other projects or attending one of our Regional Conferences, doing a workshop or presentation at a conference/event we are invited to, or having us support something they are doing on the local level.

To apply for membership click here or, email youthpridecenter@gmail.com

NYPS is a volunteer run organization, under the fiscal direction of the Public Health Institute of Metro Chicago. All donations are tax deductible under the 501 (c) 3 tax code.


The Team/Support Staff

David Lear, co-founder (Dallas, TX)

Dana Amal, Accounting (PHIMC)

Royal Gaston, Board Member (IL)

Devon Dorenzo, Board Treasurer (IL)

Celeste Hamilton, Advisory Board (Portland, OR)

Doug Brandt, Advisory Board (IL)

Dejon Smith, Alumni/Board Member (NY)

Adwao Antwi-Barfi, Advisory Board (IL)

Parris Washington, Advisory Board (IL)

Brandon Long, Alumni/Board Member (NV)

David Dodd, Advisory Board (IL)

Liz-Grossmann – Muniz, Board Member (IL)

Demond Finney, Advisory Board (D.C.)

Honorary Board Chair: Renee Ogletree (1950 – 2010) Gone but not forgotten

National Youth Pride Services,

Chicago, IL 60601

Phone. 773-YPS-8051