2014 NYPS Members Of The Year

2014 was a year of transition for National Youth Pride Services. We moved towards an intellectual approach to issues affecting the population we serve, as well as, ushered in a new “put your money where your mouth is” community service type of movement. Generally we look throw our entire roster and select the person who has contributed the most to our efforts for black LGBTQ young adults on the national level – and it typically is a person who has a full schedule outside of NYPS – proving that you are never too busy to do good.

Just do good.

This year we are excited to say that two people deserve this honor.


Anthony Walker will go down as the first person to become a member and eventually serve as acting Executive Director in the first six months of membership. No one in our history has worked this hard in such a short period of time. Keep in mind he is a distinguished author of several books – with more on the way, and had three (3) jobs to go along with his NYPS responsibilities.

He will forever be known as the person who spearheaded the homeless youth movement that is now a known attribute of National Youth Pride Services. To this day, we have become a national contact for services and information related to homeless LGBTQ youth across the country.

Anthony successfully used his large social media following to propel our One Shining Moment series “Life Support: From Set Back to Come Back” to the most read series of all time.


Maliek Powell made his mark with us before he became a member of NYPS. NYPS has never been known as a HIV/AIDS organization because of it’s holistic approach to the problems of the times. However it was Maliek who asked us to help with his #SpeakOut campaign for National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day that eventually went on to include NYPS’s support in other HIV/AIDS related activities.

In addition to his work around HIV/AIDS, Maliek also is one of three young people who can make decisions in the name of NYPS without needing approval. He led a homeless youth drive in Alabama this year, the state ranked as the worst place for homeless LGBTQ youth in America and was even flown to New York for a LIVE World AIDS Day Event that featured distinguished people from around the country working to ends the AIDS epidemic.

He is also one of the organizers for our 2015 RISE UP event in Detroit, MI.

Maliek Powell was truly built for this!


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