What an amazing time we have had so far this month in this four part series on “Awesome Vs Average” – which one are you? Before we look at the final step to take for those who want to move from average (being like the majority of people) to AWESOME (being above average and reaching your full potential). The steps we covered were:

  1. Keep your word
  2. Show Me, Don’t Tell Me
  3. Your Network is Your Net Worth

And here we are with part 4: stop making excuses!


  • ALL successful people are busy (or they wouldn’t be successful)
  • Procrastination is the enemy of success
  • Disorganization is like a virus, it shows up everywhere unless you stop it.

People who do not understand – or accept these three facts are prone to rely on excuses. They will even come up with an excuse to explain why they need to use excuses.

The dictionary defines an excuse as :

a reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense.

Basically you are defending something you did , that you ultimately are responsible for. It’s a reaction to an action. And nine times out of ten, it’s not even the truth.

So how do you avoid having to lie, or make excuses?

Do exactly what you say you are going to do and if you can’t, let the person know well in advance. They will appreciate that more than the excuse.

Stop saying what you are going to do and just do it.

Keep people around that will hold you accountable, know more than you, and have accomplished something – preferably something you are trying to accomplish.

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