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When you don’t keep your word, you are lying.


No one wants to deal with a liar. Do you?


Welcome to our April 2016 Life Development series: Average vs Awesome. In this 4 part series, we are going to show youth and young adults the steps to moving from being average to being AWESOME.

Part 1: Keep Your Word. You’ve heard the saying “when someone shows you who they are, believe them”. You probably can look back over your life and find a few examples of people who fit this narrative. The truth is, average people are the majority. And average people say one thing and do another. They are extremely good at justifying it too. The fact of the matter is: if you said you were going to do something by Monday and you still have not done it by Tuesday – you lied. Regardless of the excuse.

So lets take a step back fr a minute because technically there is nothing wrong with being a liar or average. Our definition of average is simple:

People often take their cues on how to dress, what phone to buy, what tv shows to watch, what music to listen to, how to talk, what’s trending or hot from everyone else. If you are not doing what everyone else is doing, you’re considered lame. I can recall hearing people on my block being called “gay or white” because they read books and did homework when that was not the norm for that block. If everyone is doing the same things, that makes all of those people average.

It’s the person that does not do things simply because everyone else is doing them that is AWESOME.


This is where keeping your word comes into play. Most people don’t follow through simply because others don’t have integrity., so it justifies them not having integrity also.

But who wants their name to be synonymous to being unreliable or a liar? Lot’s of people or we wouldn’t be having this discussion. People remember how you make them feel far more than they will remember what you said. Talk is cheap. People will show you better than they will tell you.

So start brand new today! Make the decision to keep your word. If you can’t, simply let the person know. People that feel appreciated usually go above and beyond than what is expected.

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