Be Yourself

In Part 4 of our final series of the year #StrongFinish, Travis Wise of Washington, D.C. gives you the final step to end the year on a high note in order to guarantee a smooth transition into the next year: don’t compete – be you.


Be yourself!!!
As we bring 2014 to a close and begin to embrace 2015. The message I would like to send to young black men is to be yourself. A lot of times we go through life trying to emulate a certain type, conform to a certain image or be what we think someone else wants us to be. In my experiences I have always learned to trust and stay true to who I am. Your personal sense of style, sense of humor and being JUST YOU is what makes you unique.
In my current field of work as a community figure working to improve and impact the lives of young black men. I sometimes find myself being compared to other individuals in the field. I hear things such as you should dress this way, you should talk this way, or you should present yourself that way. Understanding that there is a difference between being professional and trying to fit a certain mold to make yourself be better than others or up to par with what the current “type” is for what a young black professional should be. I have seen my greatest success in being simple who I am. Bringingmy own individual experiences and perspectives to the table has gained me more success than trying to simply be what someone else thinks I should be.

Staying true to yourself and showing your individual colors will always allow you to stand out. If everyone is speaking the same, dressing the same and acting the same than what truly makes you different? What makes you stand out? What makes you unique? As you begin to close the chapter on 2014 take a minute to see the value and take pride in the person you are right now. Understanding that every day is about growth and becoming better but as you grow never lose yourself. Winning and being a winner starts with self esteem and self esteem to me is about having complete confidence in who you are.
So I challenge you to finish strong and be yourself!!
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