Celebrating 12 Years…and Cancun?

October is the month that National Youth Pride Services celebrates it’s birthday! We will be 12 years old on October 23, 2015! We generally do something unique, externally, to celebrate our members and the accomplishments they have achieved. We know that without our members, we are nothing – as well as – our many monthly and individual donors!


This year we are focusing on #RiseUp, which challenges young adults and their allies to be socially forward thinkers to address issues in a way that may have not been tried or attempted before. To this end we want to embark on our 2nd international excursion.


If you are familiar with our work, you know that NYPS is known for it’s success in financial management planning and education and we are working on something special for those who are looking to attend this trip in 2016.


But this time, we want to invite not only our members, but our donors, alumni and friends!

This is an interactive experience and we will need your help.

Step 1: Download our app and vote for the location you think we should go via the survey tab. Your choices are the Dominican Republic or Cancun

Step 2: Check back on our website on our birthday, October 23, 2015, to get the results and next steps.

NYPS is an intellectual, creative urban movement that focuses on socially forward, leadership and development activities for black LGBTQ young adults. Download our app today!

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