Don’t Pass Up The Opportunity Because Of The Obligation

The shift from obligation mode to opportunity mode is critical for any creative who wants to be prolific, brilliant and healthy. We must be thinking regularly about how we are investing in our capacity to do better work in the future. We must be personally accountable for our own growth. We must build practices into our life that make us effective rather than obsessing on efficiency. – Todd Henry


In part 1 of this series, entitled Rise Up, we talked about how you are too valuable to be like “everybody else” – or to spend your life doing what “everybody else” is doing.

In part 2 we want to take a look at another trend in our community: passing up on amazing opportunities simply because the work “appears” to be hard. Preferring to go for the quick fix and the small, temporary pay off, than the more significant, long-lasting success.

This is called passing up the opportunity because you are intimidated by the obligation.

This is actually what “everybody else” does. That means if you are doing it, you are average, but if you want to be AWESOME, you have to do the opposite of what “everybody else” is doing.

It’s time to make this year the year you Rise Up. In every aspect of your life.

Stop saying what you can’t do – and try actually doing it. We stated in earlier series that your attitude is everything: if you think you are defeated, you are. If you think you CAN do it, then you will. rise-up (SCREEN)

There is a popular, true saying that I hear a lot:

The person that says they CAN do something and the person that says they CAN’T are both right.

But I like to add a few words to it to break it down even more:

The person who says they CAN do something and the person who says they CAN’T – before they even try – are both right.

Opportunities never come when you are ready. They usually come at the most inconvenient times or moments in your life – waiting for you to pass them up so that someone else can get them. Waiting for that moment when you say “I have too much going on already”.

What you feed will grow. Plant seeds that will grow over time. Seeds that need care and your undivided attention and when others are scrambling to find food, the garden you planted and worked on a while back will carry you past all those who passed up the opportunity simply because they didn’t feel the need to Rise Up and meet the obligation.

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