Frenemies: “Are You Attracting Positive Or Negative Versions Of Yourself?”

In the final post in our series “Frenemies” we take a look at an amazing video from Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) around spotting “frenemies”. Here are some key points to take away from this video that really puts focus on what we were trying to accomplish with this series:

  1. Who will be around when the times are hard?

  2. What type of energy are you putting out there? A fake lifestyle can only attract fake friends.

  3. There are no good people or bad people, there are only resonates. When someone resonates with you, the bar is very high – it’s like having a strong wi-fi connection as opposed to a slow one.

  4. When you give someone else the job of making you feel 100% – you’re in big trouble.

  5. When you feel everyone you meet is fake, that’s the energy you are sending out to the universe.

  6. You receive what you expect.

I hope you have enjoyed our life development series on friends and friendship. We would love to hear your feedback.

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