Frenemies: “Don’t Tell Everyone Everything, Just Show Them”

I’m sure you have heard of the saying “when you know better, you do better”. This saying is one of many that people spread from generation to generation that simply isn’t true. People know they should not steal, yet some do. People do a lot of things they know they should not do, yet do it without hesitation.


In part two of this series called “Frenemies”, we look at why you should keep your business to yourself.

I recently took a class on Human Development and Attachment Theories and I learned that from birth, much of our life is spent building attachments (aka relationships). It’s basically a necessity. But the type of relationships we build can be helpful or harmful – and many of our relationships are built due to lack of attachment(s) in our early years, for various reasons.

With all this in mind, there is one thing we can control: limiting how much we share about ourselves.

Now in the world of social media, even second of our lives is broadcast, in photos, tweets, status updates and blog posts for hundreds, if not thousands, to read. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone subscribes to this method. In fact, after a few years, some people have discovered that taking a break from social media actually improved their lives. I for one am a prime example.

One of the best ways to keep those who want to see you fail from being able to succeed is to not let anyone know your plans. Sports teams never broadcast their strategy to the opposing team. it would be absurd to let the opposition know what your moves will be before the game even starts. That is valuable information.

This is what you are doing when you announce your next moves to others. You are allowing them opportunities to derail, deter or deflate you. Why would anyone do this to you? It’s simple: misery loves company.

This does not mean keep everything to yourself. That’s virtually impossible for most people. You have to be conscious of who you share your business with – just as you would people you decide to take advice from. You wouldn’t take advice on financial management from someone who is always broke (although most people do).

Winners are those who help others win. Surround yourself with people who have already accomplished what you are trying to do – or those who have accomplished something of substance. These people have no problem helping to build you up as opposed to plotting to tear you down.


Watch the video below by The Keau Reyes Project “Don’t Tell People Your Plans”

Keep your plans quiet. Sometimes telling people your plans could lead you to experience envy and receive negative energy. Unless you directly need someone’s help, there’s no need to talk about your plans. If you want to share your success, do it with actions. Nothing screams success louder than results. Show, don’t tell.

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