It’s Time To #Riseup

We are just one month away from a unique, one-of-a-kind event for black LGBTQ young adults, called RiseUp!


In partnership with the Allied Media Conference (AMC), NYPS will be hosting “Rise Up” on Thursday June 18th in Detroit, Michigan at Wayne State University, from 10am – 4pm. Rise Up, for Black LGBT Youth & Young Adults in America will be a retreat where some of the 50 Black LGBT Winners Who Are Helping Others Win featured on NYPS’s mobile app and Black LGBT youth and young adults, like yourselves, will come together to devise the next plan of action for the National Strategy for Black LGBT Youth in America.

Almost four years ago, this strategy was put in place and set goals on how to implement interventions and programs that aid in the advancement of Black LGBT youth across a vast array of issues. Many statistics that are used to quote things involving black LGBTQ youth in America, came from the national needs assessment done via this project. Rise Up will serve as a day to develop and initiate a new plan action that speaks to the current needs of said community. Being that we are working in tandem with the AMC, the basis of our plan has to be centered on the creation and dissemination of media (according to AMC, media refers to any form of communication). Attending RiseUp also allows you admittance to the largest, urban community organizing gathering for LGBTQ people of color in the U.S. (More than 3,000 attended last year).

At Rise Up, we will evaluate and plan based off of a national survey that assesses the needs of Black LGBT youth based on their responses. Although Rise Up is held on Thursday, the actual conference occurs Friday – Sunday. In the event that you are interested in attending Rise Up, you are only required to attend Thursday’s event, but your registration includes the entire weekend and all parties and events associated with AMC. This fact is important in regard to the cost of the trip. Scholarships are no longer available. Food will be provided on Thursday; however, meals are not covered for the entire weekend. But, AMC does provide continental breakfast each day.

You can also ride on a tour of the city of Detroit for FREE during the conference.

In all, Rise Up will be a time of fellowship, networking, and planning. If you would like to attend, please provide your full name as it will appear on travel documents, age and date of birth, email address and working phone number, what day/time you can leave for Detroit, what day/time you need to be back below. . You can learn more about AMC in its entirety at

Watch the video and sign up here!

National Youth Pride Services,

Chicago, IL 60601

Phone. 773-YPS-8051