New Year, New You: How You Go Through Determines How You Get Through

Our organization is in the final days of it’s week of action for the people of Flint (you can learn more here). We asked those who are apart of us to ask people in their inner circles, their family, friends and partner to do something for those who are worse off than they are.

I had the pleasure of speaking to someone who had a very interesting take on why he shouldn’t ask those around him to help the people of Flint. He explained how he made the decision to sit this one out and not ask those he knows if they were interested in doing anything for Flint because he was having financial problems. I thought it was interesting because he has a following that he is quite loyal to.


That’s when my creative juices started flowing and I decided to use the final part of our Life Development Series, New Year, New You to help people learn how to go through…anything.

Let me begin by saying everyone is entitled to handle their life, their way. I also come across a lot of people who already know everything – not realizing that you only know everything YOU know and nothing else. That’s a very small approach to life. It wasn’t until I started to listen to people who were already were I wanted to be that I started to see there is nothing wrong with listening to the right people.

I too used to think that I was the only one going through something and that I could never be of help to anyone else until I was all together. I was playing the victim. I would have been just like the person I mentioned above who felt like they shouldn’t give the people around them the option of helping others – unless they helped me first.

Everyone can do something, but find something that fits your limitations.

But then I read something about “still people”. These are people who have been going through the same things for five or more years. Those things they were struggling about years ago when you met them, they are still going through right now. That same mentality or attitude they had years ago they still have now. Those same friends they hung out and partied with in their teens years, are still requiring them to to those same things years later.

The definition of insanity is to continue to do the same things and expect a different result.

One thing I like about people who go to church or people who have some type of faith is that they have no problem giving. They cheerfully give. No matter what is going on at home. Give, give, give give. Here is why I like this concept and why I think it works in every situation:

Helping other people is like putting a deposit in the bank that you can withdraw from when you really need it. When you are at your wits end and you don’t know what else to do – go and do something for someone else who is worse off than you. There is empowerment and inspiration in doing that. How?

Do something for someone that does not benefit you directly. This is called


Because you learn that if they can handle the situation they are in, then surely you too will get through this. Your problem becomes smaller and much easier to handle.

But look at the flip side. According to social media pages, it seems everyone is struggling in some regard. What if everyone decided not to help anyone until their struggle was over?

No one would get anywhere and every one would continue to struggle, because whether you believe it or not, everyone needs someone at some point in their struggle.

Shouldn’t that person be you?

How you go through your struggle, determines how you get through your struggle.

-F.W. (watch video)

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