New Year, New You: People Hating On You? Own Your Power

Did you know that the most successful people have the most critics (aka haters)?

Whether you answered yes or know to this question, I invite you to take a ten minute journey with me as I explain WHY the most successful people have the most haters. This post, when used with part 1 of our Life Development Series “New Year, New You” should help you take back all of your power from your haters in 2016.


First. If you want to be successful (whatever success looks like for you) you have to be willing to be hated. Every person whom we as a society deems successful on any level, has critics i.e. Oprah, President Obama. These two alone have accomplished two things that no other African American has or will for quite some time, and have millions of haters.

People who think they know the path to success, but are having a hard time of applying it to themselves are…haters. Point blank. They take their frustrations out on the ones who are actually doing it.

There is a urgent need to have and identify haters to evaluate if you are on the right path to success.

John Brubaker, who is the inspiration for this post, states that criticism is “self hate turned outward. It is a sign of weakness, envy and fear. Haters hate on you because YOU are doing what they cannot.”

His advice for those who do not want to have haters: “sit on the sideline.”

Let me leave you with this as a technique to help you own your power:

What you feed grows, what you ignore will have minimal to no effect on you.



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