New Year, New You: Young, Gifted, Black And Gay

It’s a new year, so it’s time for people to make resolutions – that researchers say they will forget by the end of the month. It is hard to change. We usually look at change as this BIG, HUGE obstacle, but really change comes over time and is comprised of very small steps. These small steps add up to an overall product – that is actually never finished. Things I did in my twenties, I no longer do in my thirties, but it took a decade for me to evolve – not the stoke of midnight on New Years Eve.


After working with black LGBTQ youth for about 15 years I have discovered that you all are some of the most resilient and resourceful people on the planet. Based off of trending topics and themes from 2015, I decided to start our first Life Development series of 20156(#NewYearNewYou) with a list of 10 small things that will help you bring out the gifted, creative being that is already inside of you:

#1 A Private Life Is A Happy Life. Your haters know so much about you because you told your friends – OR – you wrote about your plans on social media. Once you decided to do that, the planning and meetings against you began. Don’t tell anyone what you are about to do – just do it.

#2 Don’t Apologize For Being You. The first lines in our motto state: Who I am is not a lifestyle choice, I was born this way and will rejoice! Be you and the right people will be drawn to you.

#3 Other People’s Opinions of You Do Not Matter. This is similar to number 2, but more personal. It’s aimed at this bullying epidemic we have in this country. The rest of the National Youth Pride motto goes on to say: I was made in the image of perfection, those who stand in judgement should check their own reflection. Recently someone told me that they heard that our members were cocky. My reply was it’s not that they are cocky, we teach every black LGBTQ young adult who is a member to know their value and their worth and to never let anyone set it for you. Don’t ask for a seat at the table, bring the table.

#4 You Are Worthy Of Respect! It’s simple, people respect those they cannot disrespect. Things that start out of anger always end in shame. How you act in certain situations tells others how much you respect yourself.

#5 Protect Your Brand. Think or yourself as a successful business. Control what image you put out about yourself and watch how you attract the type of people who are interested in your product – just as it is. If you can, stop yourself from doing today what you will regret tomorrow.

#6 Don’t Show Off, Show Up. The battle to outdo the next person is a more attainable goal to some people than a future of having whatever you want. So you have to keep your iPhone 5 a few years longer in order to pay rent on the apartment you prayed for and received. Why buy a new iPhone just to keep up with people in your circle still living with their parents? Of course they can afford it. When people ask you why they never see you at the club every week, ask them why you never see them at the bank every week.

#7 Make The Right Choice. Whether you believe it or not, everything up to this point in your life that has or has not happened to you is because of the choices you have made. Every aspect of your life when examined a little closer can be traced back to a series of choices that we have made. Look at every thing you do on a daily basis as a choice – and try your best to make the right choice.

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