NYPS Stands With #Flint

National Youth Pride Services invites all of its members, alumni, family and supporters to join us as we Stand With Flint, Michigan.


We have all seen the news accounts and media reports of the tragic situation currently going on with the drinking water in the small Michigan town. This tragedy is a direct result of a government designed to protect it’s people.

To this end, as a socially forward, urban, creative, intellectual movement, we feel we have to choice to organize our national membership around this issue.

In addition to our members and supporters purchasing cases of water through our app to send to people in Flint, we will also do all we can to make sure all of our membership is fully educated on the facts of this critical moment in time.

To join us during our week of action, email us at
Members can join us by simply filling out a Member Request Form on our app or website.


National Youth Pride Services,

Chicago, IL 60601

Phone. 773-YPS-8051