Prioritize And #Riseup

In the final post of our 4 part series to start off the year, we want to talk about setting priorities. One of the many ways people become serial struggles is because they fail to see the importance of setting priorities and not letting any person, place or thing come between them and their goals.


How many times have you seen people have social media wars? You stop and ask yourself “couldn’t that energy be used on something positive or life changing?”

The answer is YES!

The energy people put into social media is usually from a lack of purpose or priorities. When you have a purpose or a plan – you don’t really care what other people have to say about you. You don’t even care what other people think about you. You tend to only focus on people who will get you closer to your goal.

What you feed grows. What you ignore dies. It’s simple and the cycle of all life. Get a puppy and stop feeding it. Watch what will happen. (Don’t actually do this or you may end up in jail).

Have you taken time out to see what your average day looks like? What do you spend the most time doing in a day? Whatever you give the most energy to – that is YOUR priority. Regardless of what your mouth says. People will always show you better than they can tell you.

You often see people give up social media for a month. Then that month turns into months. They discovered that the time they spent updating their status or liking other people’s posts was time that could have been spent on THEM.


I am talking alot about social media, but there other places our priorities tend to lie.

One example is sex. You actually have to want success more than you want a girlfriend or boyfriend. I have been spending some time working in a homeless youth shelter and I have noticed that ALL the young men in relationships in the shelter are hard to place. The single young men I encounter I have been able to finding housing for and end their homelessness within 2 to 3 months. You see, the ones who were smart enough to stay single while homeless knew it was better to get their OWN life together first. The ones in relationships had to not only provide for themselves, but now they have added another homeless person that they are responsible for – and in most cities, there is no transitional housing programs for “boyfriends” and “girlfriends”.

It’s a matter of having your priorities in the right place.

This series was designed to give you four steps that you could use in your person life to #RiseUp. We looked at four issues that directly effect young adults of color based off our our massive national membership and those from the general public who use our mobile app across the globe.

Pride always comes before the fall. So take this series and #RiseUp!

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