This Year, Don’t Be Like “Everybody Else” – Rise Up

It’s January. The beginning of a new year. By now millions of people have broken the New Year Resolutions that they set for themselves on January 1. In fact research shows, just setting a resolution for the new year is a recipe for disaster. If you really wanted the change, you would have started instantly.


Procrastination is the enemy of success. Later never comes.

So instead of making resolutions, why not simply take small, daily steps to be better than the day before. Why not Rise up?

One reason so many people are serial strugglers is because they are taking their cues on life from “everybody else”. They learn what clothes to wear by watching “everybody else”. They learn how to talk by listening to “everybody else”. They decide on what shows to watch on TV based on “everybody else”. They join causes or jump on band wagons based on “everybody else”. They spend money that they make on things that will impress “everybody else”.

I think you get the point.

But consider this, if everybody is learning how to live based on standards set by everybody else – doesn’t that simply make all those people average? Who decides to start a new year average or being like “everybody else”


Who decides to join anything – a movement, organization, a church – simply because of “everybody else”.

Some of the most dangerous people in the world are people who think for themselves and could care less about what anybody says or thinks about them. These people don’t resolve on January 1 – they Rise Up constantly, at any occasion.

Yes there is power in numbers, but that can also lead to death in the wrong hands. Don’t believe me? Google “cults” or “Waco, Texas” or both.

In 2015, our message is simple: you should not take cues on how to act, talk or live simply based off of “everybody else”. Instead Rise Up! There actually isn’t one way to solve the problems or inequalities we have been facing for years, there are many ways – however the problem is we are always being asked to follow “everybody else”

Doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result is average.

Don’t be average, RISE UP!

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This is part 1 of a 4 part series, that will lead into a national event this summer in Detroit called Rise Up!

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