The mission of National Youth Pride Services is To empower black LGBTQ young adults through leadership development, networking and collaborative events, in order to better improve their quality of life. It is the responsibility of each member to consult the website or mobile app if they wish to remain active with us. It is not the responsibility of the staff or board members. Basketball players don’t forget that they are on a basketball team, unless they never were apart of the team to begin with.

Members should use the following form to request:

  • NYPS to support an event or activity you are hosting in your city

  • A NYPS staff member to present at your school or event

  • Seek assistance for a hardship

  • Update your membership status (once a member, always a member. Let us know you’re ready to come back and why)

  • RSVP/Register to attend any NYPS Event or Activity

  • Contact information for another NYPS member

  • NYPS to send a letter of recommendation on your behalf

  • Any other request

Please note: you must be actively participating in the work of NYPS to use this service. To find out if you are active, search the #OneShiningMoment hashtag and see if you have been apart of our movement OR check our app to see if you share our One Shining Moment weekly posts to your followers. This is how we determine who is active.

Leadership Development

All members in leadership positions participate in ongoing leadership development. They are given every tool needed to run a successful team project., barring they chose to use those tools. All leaders must be wiling to learn, understand the mission/direction of the organization and be able to get the most out of the members assigned to them. A NYPS Board Member is assigned to each leader. Everyone in the organization participates in One Shining Moment workshops/lessons.

NYPS will host a Vision Casting for all current and future leaders of our movement on Sunday, November 9, 2014 at 6pm Central. Email  for an invite.

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National Youth Pride Services,

Chicago, IL 60601

Phone. 773-YPS-8051