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National Youth Pride Services

To empower black LGBTQ young adults through leadership development, networking and collaborative events, in order to better improve their quality of life.

August Stars of the Month

Matthew Stevens, Youth Empowerment Specialist

Matthew, the newest member of our Empowerment Team practices the goals of the Empowerment Program by enteacting with and reaching out to NYPS members on social media, building an amazing bond with them like we have never seen before. Always one to uplift and inspire our young people on social media, he currently is the most recognizable member of the Empowerment Specialist team.

NYPS Network

Anthony Walker, “Uncovered”

Anthony’s show “Uncovered” became the first NYPS produced show to average 1,000 viewers per episode, with his fourth episode surpassing 3, 500 viewers in 5 days. His show airs every Sunday night at 10pm EST and is geared towards the 21 and over crowd. It featured underwear from LUVDBYMENY in the month of August.


Life Development & NYPS Network

The Life Development Team, the only all female team at NYPS successfully worked together in August to develop the next life development theme for September – “Inner Me”. They not only created the series, but decided to produce all 4 parts themselves, as opposed to passing it off to others to complete as is within their authority.

The NYPS Network team spent the month of August adding an additional 1,500 hours of programming to the network which will debut in the coming months. This includes the addition of 25 new radio shows (up from 4 shows). It also produced Uncovered w/ Anthony Walker which received more than 3,500 views on its 4th episode.

Youth/Young Adult Leader

Demark Manigo, GA

Demark became the first fundraising champion for the work he did getting all those in his life who love and support him to donate at least $5 to his show, as well as, show guests and other supporters. His show, Morning Tea, raised the most money of all youth/young adult produced shows.


Parris Washington, Membership and Community Relations

This committee met the most in the month of August, held the most votes and gave the board a lot of work as 80% of all proposals came from this committee. Parris also helped to pull this team together during a very busy month in order to make sure all things were handled in a timely fashion.


Tshomba Harvey, MS

Tshomba came in the door ready to work. Within his first few days meeting with his team leader, who is also the CEO, he was able to secure a brand new look for the NYPS website which will debut in the fall. He has already managed our SnapChat account and has been invited to attend the NYPS Leadership Retreat in Atlanta this Fall.

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