In 2013 our “50 Black LGBTQ People Every Black LGBTQ Youth Should Know” series, produced entirely by youth from across the country, received so much national attention – we decided to do it again, but with an impact.

In 2014, the theme for National Youth Pride Services internally is “One Shinning Moment”. After operating under the same mission for the past 10 years, we decided to change the vision. mission and focus of the organization to better reflect what we want to accomplish on the national level:

NYPS is an intellectual, creative urban movement that focuses on socially forward, leadership and development activities for black LGBT young adults

We decided to focus on helping black LGBTQ youth move from average to awesome. After watching the video entitled: “What is the State of the Black Gay Community Today?” we felt there were more positive attributes than the youth in the video detailed – and we were on a mission to prove it. This gave birth to our “One Shining Moment” campaign – focusing 100% of the positive, rich, outstanding, incomparable legacy of black LGBTQ people.

Our mission to help black LGBTQ young adults “WIN” started in April and has been a huge success. Some said we were foolish for attempting to end negativity within our own community and promote lifting up all black LGBTQ people you encounter – especially online. Our last series on financial management, saw 224 people take our 30 Day financial management challenge and move from ordinary to extraordinary with their finances. This is because winners help others win! Everyone has something to give to help someone else out – the question is, does everyone believe that? Does it really take a village?

We are not the only ones that believe “winners help others win”. There are many fantastic, outstanding black LGBTQ people working hard everyday, in their own city, region or life to help the next generation WIN! Join us in our journey this fall as our online magazine looks at 50 Black LGBTQ Winners Who Are Helping Others Win! Of course we could never highlight everyone and the order in which we profile someone has no significant meaning. We wanted to show the positive side of being black and LGBTQ and this is just one way, of many, we are chosing to do it.

Here is a look at some of the 50 Winners Who Help Others Win that we plan to introduce you too this Fall (those in our previous list were excluded from this list)













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