It’s easy sometimes to define ourselves by our circumstances, but I’ve found that this is a dangerous thing to do as there will always be things in life that don’t go our way or that we don’t control. If we attach our self-worth to the external, our sense of value can go up and down like a yo-yo. June is typically the month we celebrate PRIDE across the country. This is a time that people show their pride externally, but when PRIDE is over, internally some are still struggling with life. Part 2 of our series “Born To Win” proves that you are not whatever circumstances you went through or are going through!

Everyday of living is a battle; you against the world and, most importantly, you against yourself. It is said that we are our own worst critics, and I find that to be true for myself. My failures, inadequacies, misdoings, and misfortunes are all mine to bare, and mine alone. And as time continues, the more weight one consumes, it consumes until it consumes them entirely. Consumed in your own circumstances, you react in compliance to them; pitying yourself and your life for the unfortunate events that seem so indicative to your experience.

But, despite the fact that you may be the victim of many situations, you are in fact not your circumstances. You are the controlling agent of your life. That being said, one must take ownership of their circumstances, see each situation as a chance to learn and grow. If one stands in their dismay and surrenders to the experience, the tumult will smooth out.

We are taught to fear and deflect situations that detract from our understanding of happiness. But, in running from the bad, we learn little about how to survive it. In attempting to find perfection, one loses sight of reality; perfection is relative and artificially constructed. Perfection as a goal is limiting. It leaves little room for an experience that exemplifies the truths of life. In allowing your circumstances to live, you allow yourself to live through them. It is your actions that inform the course of your situations, and as far as you detach yourself from your circumstances, the less power you have over them.

Those who run away from the storm only knows of its existence, but he who peacefully watches and engages knows its ways and its direction. Embrace your circumstances and view them as opportunities of greatness. Rather it is living in circumstantial pressure that creates the rarest of diamonds or those that can withstand fire are those who don’t fear being burnt, take control over you and your life by accepting your circumstance, whatever it may be. Look at every and any situation that arises as your own and as a lesson to be learned. Work alongside the universe and be willing to surrender to your life, ceasing the battle to find happiness and beginning a process to maintain it in spite of.

Remember that a circumstance seen through allows for Another Dayto Slay!

Carlton Cummings

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