It’s hard to let go of our past. Good or bad, it’s part of who we think we are. We’ve invested a lot of time and energy in our baggage and gone to a lot of trouble to keep it with us. Some people tell others about it hoping to earn their attention, gain their sympathy, and perhaps respect for our efforts. . A lot of people carry it as a way to pay penance for their mistakes.

The truth is that baggage is none of these things. baggage is a heavy vibration that wastes our energy and weighs us down. Holding onto our past, regardless of whether we did something to someone or someone did something to us, emotional baggage increases our inertia and slows our momentum. That kind of thinking keeps our energy vibrating at a level that attracts more of the same. Holding onto baggage is a form of self sabotage regardless of how it got there. Part 2 of our series #Choices takes a look at getting rid of baggage from exes, former friends, bosses, family members and more.


Some people decide that enough is enough. The first thing they decide to do is move. They either move to another zip code, another city or another altogether.

Some people decide that is enough is enough. They break up with the person they are dating and decide to take some time off to find themselves, and then jump back into the relationship category when they feel things are finally in place to love and be loved correctly.

Some people decide that enough is enough. They are tired of waking up everyday and not being productive, or not seeing any change in their financial or living situation, so they go out and try new techniques, usually based off something one of their friends told them or what they saw on social media.

So many of these people have the right idea in mind: enough IS enough. But where the problem comes in is that they still carry that baggage with them. My pastor is actually a life coach during the day and he touched on this topic of baggage in a practical way that can help anyone. His illustration was amazing:

Every time you are in a situation, you accumulate bags and every time you get up on stage, your bags are there with you because you have not properly disposed of them. You get off one stage and then get on another and sitting on stage left is bags. So you leave that stage and go get onto a what you feel is a better stage and then you notice you now have bags on stage left and right. You keep trying to give great performances on several stages and you aren’t seeing the results you want because you have too many bags on stage with you – even back stage.

You are looking for something better. Something successful. You need to first work on getting rid of the baggage you already have in order to photo1make room for the baggage that definitely comes with success. As you get higher in life, you accumulate baggage. Why force yourself to carry bags from the present alongside all those bags from the past?

Take out your calendar. Circle a date when you plan to give up a certain bag. Give yourself enough time to have anger, guilt or resentment from that ex, or job that let you go, or father who was never around, etc. Decide on a day that you will no longer be held prisoner to your past.

As with all of our series, the purpose is not to just identify problems, but also provide solutions for those who need them. If you have made up in your mind that you want to let go of your baggage and no no longer claim it, follow these steps.


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