Whether you believe it or not, everything up to this point in your life that has or has not happened to you is because of the choices you have made. Every aspect or our life when examined a little closer can be traced back to a series of choices we have made. Controlling your emotions doesn’t mean ignoring them. It means you recognize them and act on them when appropriate, not randomly and uncontrollably whenever you feel like it. Take control of your life by taking control of your emotions. This is part 1 of our series: “Choices”

I live in Chicago. The weather here is unpredictable. In fact, summer should be fading into fall, however the temperature now is hotter than in July. People have to make adjustments to their plans because of the weather.

This is the perfect example that I use with the teens I work with in mentoring programs, when dealing with life and their reactions to things that take place. I tell them to “control the atmosphere”. Here is the exact example I use when working with them:

When you step outside and you see that the sky is very dark and it’s 10am – you know that a storm is approaching. You then have to stop and think about what adjustments need to be made because you know that it will not be good to walk out into the storm. You might go inside to change clothes, you might pick up and umbrella, you might even push your plans back – but you take the time to make an adjustment because you can tell a storm is coming.

You felt/saw a storm was coming and then you made a decision on how to react. This just does not work with the teens in my mentoring program, I use this technique in my own personal life. Ever since the day I heard my pastor say “control the atmosphere” I have been living and teaching it.

I work with young people all the time, especially with NYPS. I get all kinds on all levels. In fact, I have to deal with more than 100 personalities any given day. I’m sure you can tell, I had a had a hard time. It was not until I learned how to “control the atmosphere” did managing all of the different personalities under the rainbow become easier. I can now tell when one of my members is about to bring some negative energy into my positive space aka a storm. I take a step back and I figure out how I can “control the atmosphere” – and 100% of the time I leave feeling better about myself and the situation. Now I could have added to the storm and in the end, nothing would have been accomplished. You see, things that start in anger, always end up in shame.

No matter what situation (or storm) that develops in your life, it is your choice how to respond. You can “control the atmosphere” and save yourself time. money and stress. Or you can make things worse by giving in to your emotions.

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