This is part 2 of our series “Wake Up & Be Awesome” that is apart of our One Shining Moment campaign to uplift, inspire and empower those who may be struggling in the black LGBT community. Those with self confidence are more likely to help others in need, resulting in more positivity in our community.


Have you ever heard someone – or yourself say: “There are a few things I need to do to get ready for this interview, but I’ll do it later”, or you have a test to take that you know is the difference between getting a C or a B in a course, but your friends who aren’t on the same path as you want to go out and they say: “just come out with us for a minute and you can do all that other stuff later”?

Well I have some bad news for you. “Later” or “someday” does not exist. You have no control over the future. Not tomorrow, not next week or not even next year. The only time you control is right now. Successful people know this. Procrastination is the enemy of success. You can’t mix the two.

Here is another tip: you are never too busy to do something that you actually want to do. Stop telling this to people that you have given your word to. You may think it is a good excuse, but basically you are saying: “I have better things to do and even though I gave you my word, this is just not that important to me”. Instead, try to just say “no”. In the end, it’s better than insulting someone, or making an entire group look bad because you did not pull your weight on a project”. Plus what you have going on in your life is not any more important than the person you gave your word too. Plus, saying that you are busier than someone else can come off as arrogant. Just because someone else finished the job by the deadline does not mean they did not have other things going on. They could just be good with time management.

With each post in each series there is a companion video and supplemental reading material that I have come across that breaks each topic down to you in a practical, interactive way. Procrastination is actually no fault of your own! Bet you didn’t know that. Many times your environment adds to your ability to be distracted. There are a few tips in the attachments to this posts, but one I want to highlight to combat procrastination and always putting things off is to just START.

Take the task that you think is so daunting and break it down to smaller steps that are not so intimidating. Instead of rewarding yourself after completing the entire task, reward yourself for starting! Eventually you will learn the hardest part about any project is starting it.


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