Your life should be like a checking account, balancing out on a regular basis so that you always have assets to draw upon. This is part 2 of our series “Selfies” Learn how to take care of yourself before you can help others.

So immediately, the first thing you will probably think (if you are new to our One Shining Moment campaign) is that the title of this piece is quite selfish. If you have ever been on an airplane, you may have noticed that the flight attendant tells you to put on your life saving equipment before you assist anyone else with theirs. This is because the only way you can help someone else, is by helping yourself first. This is called self care and the subject of this post.

One thing about teaching or telling others how to do good is that you end up having to live by what you are saying. Maya Angelou stated this in her piece, “Just Do Good”. One common problem you see with activist or people working for a cause they are passionate about is that they sometimes look worn out. They are so busy trying to save the whales, they forgot to pay attention to themselves. Alot of movements die out after strong starts for this reason.


We (NYPS) are known for having some of the brightest young adults in the country. But we realized we were burning them out. We changed our regional conference format to more of a retreat style format because we understand the importance of self care. You take care of others by taking care of yourself first.

Some people just hate being single. The weather is warming up so expect alot of Facebook posts to talk about how sad people are because they have no one to go out with. The truth is, you can’t be happy with someone until you are happy with yourself. What’s wrong with taking yourself out to lunch? Treating yourself to a movie? Do this often enough and you won’t care if someone stands you up. You will discover that you were going out for YOU – not for them – so you will have fun anyway!

Show how much you love yourself by: actually taking care of yourself. Here is a great article with action steps to get you started TODAY. Click here

Now check out this awesome video featuring Jada Pinkett Smith and her daughter talking about balance and taking care of yourself.

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