National Youth Pride Services is a intellectual, creative urban movement that focuses on socially forward, leadership and development activities for black LGBT young adults . It is not a local “drop-in” center. Our main objective is advocating for black youth on the national level and creating leaders to do just that. To apply to become a member of NYPS click here

For a list of our Grants and Funding Options go here:

Our 24 hour number is 773-977-8051. Our email is

Below is a list of organizations that we respect greatly and work with on a regular basis:

National Black Justice Coalition

The Network for LGBT Health Equity

Hispanic Black Gay Coalition


Kappa Psi Kappa

Beta Phi Omega

Alpha Pi Delta

Nu Phi Zeta

Theta Chi Psi

Alpha Lambda Zeta

Kappa Alpha Lambda

Betta Gamma Chi

Omicron Epsilon Pi

Youth Programs We Reccomend

Note: If you are black and LGBT there are limited resources available to you in the U.S. compared to non black LGBT youth. Here we try and suggest a few:

United Black Ellument. Youth from all over the country voted this as #1. Enough said.

Ruth Ellis Center. A favorite of Wanda Sykes, we had the pleasure of co-presenting with them at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit this year. A who doesnt love the story of Ruth Ellis?

Power House Project was voted #1 by youth for their unique social marketing campaigns. They are experts at reaching the youth that really need the message.

Us Helping Us. How could you not support an organization with that name?

Ujima Empowerment House. We started out in a church as well. Grassroots is the best route to reaching the masses, just ask the Obama campaign.

Other Programs we suggest:


Reach L.A. (Ask for Greg Wilson! He is great!)


Pridelines (Ask for Tre)


Evolution (Ask for Antoine Bates! Empowering!)

Youth Pride


Chicago Black Gay Men’s Caucus (Ask for David Dodd! He is amazing!)


My Brothers Keeper (Ask for Cedric)

New York

Ali Forney Center (Ask for Steven Gordon! Our friend!)

Gay Men of African Descent (Ask for Vaugh! Brilliant!)



South Carolia

AIDS Upstate (ask for Rashawn)




Project Q

National Youth Pride Services,

Chicago, IL 60601

Phone. 773-YPS-8051