Donta Gooded

Chicago, 2012 (murder)

Gregory Beauchamp

21, shot to death from a car window on NYE by man shouting gay slurs 2002

Tiffany Berry

21. transwoman killed by man in Memphis, TN who didnt like the way she touched him. 2006

Simmie Lewis Williams

Jr, 2008 17 years old, trans, murdered in Ft. Lauderdale

Ebony Whitacker

Trans, 21, shot to death in Memphis, TN 2008

Islan Nettles

21, New York, Aug. 17, 2013. A transgender woman, Nettles was attacked Aug. 17 by a group of men taunting her with homophobic slurs. They knocked her to the ground and beat her until she was unconscious. She went into a coma and died five days later.

Aiyisha Hassan

19, D.C. (suicide)

Robert Champion

Florida, (murder by hazing)

Martin Dorsey

21, Chicago (drowning) youth activist, member of NYPS. 2012


20, Chicago, IL was struck and killed by a Metra train on October 2, 2012.

Wauyness Wallace

17, Philly, July 2012

Tayshana Murphy

18, Manhattan (shot to death in 2011)

Raymond Chase

19, Rhode Island (suicide Oct 2010)

Rashawn Brazell

19, Brooklyn (murdered in 2005)

Paige Clay

23, Chicago (murder) Transgender

Joseph Jefferson

26, NY, youth activist (suicide)

17, Minnesota (suicide May 2012)

Jay Cory Jones

15, Baltimore (killed in 2009)

Jason Mattison Jr

Maurice (Jac Jac)

Chicago, May 2012

Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover

11, Massachusettes (hung himself over gay slurs)

Ronnie Bascom

Jr (hit by a car and killed July 18, 2012)

Jason Lewis

August 12, 2012 (asked not to disclose cause)

Jadior Rodriguez

Oct 22, 2012 (will not be disclosing cause at this time)

Sakia Gunn

15, Newark (murdered, hate crime)

Terrence Omar Plummer

(killed in 2010 found cut up in vacant apartment, case still open) Fayetteville, 22

Michael Gwinn

Chicago, Feb 2013 (found dead, case still open)

Terrell Smith

IN, NYPS member, killed by gun shots December 2012

Tajshon Sherman

Indianapolis, IN, murdered 2014

Henry Lee

21, died by drowning at Atlanta Black Gay Pride 2014

Crystal Jackson

Britney Cosby, both 24, a couple. Bodies were found next to a convenience store in Texas. (open case) March 2014

Stabbed to death

Jan 2016

National Youth Pride Services,

Chicago, IL 60601

Phone. 773-YPS-8051